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Oracle Lite Overview: This PDF explains new key features of Oracle Lite 10g Release 2. Oracle Lite prepares an infrastructure for mobile database access using RAD tools.

Oracle DB

Oracle Lite 10g Data Sheet

Service Oriented Architecture: Use this quick learn to understand what is Service Oriented Architecture

Enterprise Architecture


Islamic Prayer Time Calculation: Use this article to find out how to calculate Islamic Prayer time table


Prayer Time Calculation

Exception Handling in PL/SQL

Oracle DB

Oracle PL/SQL Exception

How to track traffic of your web site using ASP


How to Track Traffic to Your Web Site

How to use SYS_CONTEXT in Oracle: This Article shows how to use sys_context to get some information about current session and also is an introduction to auditing in Oracle using Triggers


Oracle SYS_CONTEXT function

Multiagent systems and Software Architecture: This documents contains academic papers about software architecture

Software Architecture

Software Architecture

Beginner's Guide to SEO: This documents gives you very strong background about Search Engine Optimization

Web Search Engine

Web Search Engine

Federated Identity Pattern in SOA: This article shows the general ideas for integrated identity resolution in service oriented architected

Enterprise Architecture

Federated Identity Patters in SOA

RUP: Although this is an old introduction to RUP and RUP has changed some part of its practices, still it is a concise introduction

Software Methodology

Introduction To RUP

RUP: This is a short RUP presentation

Software Methodology